Ensuring reliable reagents and robust relationships in cell therapy: a podcast with Steven Thompson and Steve Elliman

As the cell and gene therapy industry expands further into commercialization, researchers, developers and manufacturers are growing increasingly aware of the need for specialized ancillary materials in the production of therapeutics. High-quality ancillary materials are often neglected during the early stages of development due to perceived cost, but conversion at later stages of development can be prohibitive and detrimental to program success. 

In this podcast, in association with Sexton Biotechnologies (now part of BioLife Solutions, WA, USA), Steve Elliman of Orbsen Therapeutics (Galway, Ireland) and Steven Thompson of Sexton Biotechnologies discuss the challenges of variability in producing cell therapeutics, and how using consistent reagents from reliable manufacturers can tackle this challenge. We also dive deep into the importance of gaining and maintaining trustworthy partners early in your cell therapy journey and how this can influence the overall success of your final product.

This infographic is part of the RegMedNet In Focus on reagent consistency. Discover expert opinions on this topic by visiting our feature homepage.

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