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WAM metal deposition company AL3D Limited (AML3D) continues to develop its strategically important relationship with the Boeing Company by agreeing to an expanded scope for the supply of 3D printed components.  Boeing has updated the scope of the July 2022 purchase contract to include the next phase of Aluminium test parts in the form of prototype components. This has significantly increased the value of the July contract by an additional 150%.

The decision to expand the scope of the order follows an initial contract with Boeing in June 2021 to supply a 3D printed tooling component, which was followed by Boeing’s Director of Additive Manufacturing inspecting AML3D’s facilities in March 2022 and a second purchase contract for $140,000 (AUD) for structural Aluminium test parts in July 2022.

Commenting on the new purchase contract from Boeing, AML3D Managing Director, Mr. Andrew Sales, said: “This expanded purchase contract with Boeing demonstrates the growing momentum in our commercial relationship with one of the world’s largest aerospace companies. AML3D has already shown Boeing that our proprietary WAM 3D metal printing technology produces high-quality parts on time and to specification. The expanded purchase contract is strategically important as it moves AML3D towards being embedded into Boeing’s supply chain, which aligns with the delivery of our growth targets for the Aerospace sector.

AML3D expands Boeing contract for metal AM test parts accelerating entry into aerospace & defense markets and AS9100D:2016
AML3D’s ARCEMY printer

“The expanded purchase contract with Boeing adds additional momentum to AML3D’s strategic push into the Aerospace and Defence sectors. Boeing is a leading global aerospace company that develops, manufactures and services commercial airplanes, defense products and space systems for customers in more than 150 countries. Boeing leverages the talents of a global supplier base to advance economic opportunity, sustainability and community impact.”

AML3D’s expansion into the Aerospace and Defence sectors is underpinned by progress towards implementing the Aerospace Quality Management System, AS9100D:2016 Accreditation. AS9100D:2016 will enable the company to manufacture ‘fly parts’ for use in aircraft, and when fully implemented, AML3D will be only the second 3D wire feedstock additive manufacturing company in the world to achieve the standard.

The expanded purchase agreement with Boeing is on standard commercial terms. The supply of the next phase of test parts and structural components represents continued progress towards additional, more extensive programs in the near future.

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