#96 Additive Insight: AMGTA’s Sherri Monroe on the AM industry’s commitment to sustainability

On this week’s episode of Additive Insight, Sherri Monroe, Executive Director at the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA) joins us as our latest Executive Interview guest.

With a leadership background spanning both non-profit and for-profit organisations, Monroe joined the AMGTA back in June at what she describes as a ‘critical point’ in the development of the association, which was established by metal 3D printing specialist Sintavia back in 2019 to promote the environmental benefits of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies.

On today’s episode, Monroe talks to TCT about the AM industry’s commitment to sustainability, the importance of lifecycle assessment (LCA) , and why we perhaps shouldn’t be so quick to label something as ‘greenwashing’. 

“AM has been around for many years but really is coming into a new stage of life where we’re going beyond just using it for things like prototyping, which is always going to be a big part of it because of how effective that is, but moving beyond simply making the same part that was made traditionally and making that through additive,” says Monroe on the potential for design for AM. “Now, there are certainly instances where that provides huge value but I think where we’re really going to see this next stage is where we’re leveraging the power of AM design. The organisations that are able to do that now and leverage that are really seeing huge gains and so I think it really has the potential for really transforming the manufacturing landscape. I think we’re going to see new processes, new supply chains, new systems, new products, and it’s really going to be a matter of finding those best uses.”

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