3DCeram unveils its new industrial ceramic C1000 FLEXMATIC 3D printer

3DCeram has launched its C1000 FLEXMATIC machine, a new ceramic 3D printing system. 

In the 3DCeram range of 3D printers dedicated to ceramics, the new C1000 FLEXMATIC system from the company is designed to meet the industrial challenges of large-scale production.

The C1000 is designed to integrate the SMART Ceramic Factory, 3DCerams “factory of the future”. The machine has the assets that will allow ceramic parts to be printed in a semi-automated line. With 15 years of experience and a range of printers, 3DCeram were able to identify drivers for optimisation to ensure automation throughout the process.

The new machine contains a removable tank that allows for semi-automated post-processing of printed parts, meaning continuous production for large series. 

Other features include a focus on the printing speed, automation capacity for the recycling phase of the uncured material, as well as the cleaning phase of the parts and trays. Saving time is a focus of this machine, that can print parts with little to no support.

Since 2015, 3DCeram has transitioned from being a parts manufacturer to a process provider. In 2019 the company expanded its portfolio with the C3600 ULTIMATE, a 100% industrial machine with a 600 x 600 x 300 mm build platform.

This system allowed for commercial challenges of German company Alumina Systems to be met. It was able to take on projects that were put on the shelf previously due to a lack of suitable tools.

3DCeram has now developed its distribution network all over the world, but has also increased the skills of its distributors by training them to install the printers at the end customers’ workshops, giving them a network of distributors worldwide.

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