Evolve Additive appoints Joe Allison as new CEO with Steve Chillscyzn named CTO

Evolve Additive Solutions (EAS) has announced an organisational restructure that will see founder and CEO Steve Chillscyzn transition into the role of CTO.  

Replacing him as CEO is current board member Joe Allison, founder and former CEO of the Solid Concepts business which was acquired by Stratasys in 2014. 

Evolve came to market in 2018 after spinning out of Stratasys, where Selective Toner Electrophotographic Process (STEP) technology was initially developed. The Electrophotographic portion of the technology is said to be its core, with Evolve using the proven high volume 2D printing process to slice a part with materials and supports in one image layer, before applying heat, pressure and cooling to fuse it all onto the build. This, Evolve says, creates a fully dense part with isotropic properties in all directions.  

After 14 years of R&D investment, the company is now placing its focus on commercialising its STEP technology. To this end, the company has raised more than 50 million USD, and saw the first Scalable Volume Production 3D printing platform shipped twelve months ago.  

As it aims to deliver a highly reliable production platform and ensure a strong return on investment for customers, Evolve has appointed Allison to CEO, with Chillscyzn taking up a more technological focus as CTO. Allison has 25 years C-level experience within the 3D printing industry, having served as Stratasys EVP and President of Stratasys Direct after Solid Concepts was bought out. Chillscyzn, meanwhile, is responsible for developing STEP technology and has his name attributed to 45 patents relevant to the process.  

“This new structure will allow me to focus my energies on accelerating technical developments within our STEP technology,” commented Chillscyzn, who will also remain on Evolve’s Board of Directors. “The versatility of the platform is significant, and we are investigating various print engine configurations, new materials qualifications, and precision thermal control. It is exciting to have someone with Joe’s background and leadership skills to accelerate and optimise our existing platform while also pursuing new products and enhancements.” 

“Our goal is to make EAS the trusted partner for higher volume production of thermoplastic applications within the Additive Manufacturing space,” added Allison. “I will bring a user’s perspective to EAS and continue to build upon its revolutionary technology.” 

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