Roboze launches PRO Series of 3D printing systems

Roboze has announced the launch of its PRO Series of 3D printers, which has been designed to enable functional prototyping and additive manufacturing with super polymers and composites.  

The One PRO and Plus PRO machines are the latest Roboze product offerings to facilitate the replacement of metals in the product development cycle.  

Both of Roboze’s PRO Series machines are equipped with a 300 x 250 x 200 mm build plate, which can reach temperatures of 100°C, and has the ability to print at a precision of 15 microns. Where they differ is that the One PRO can process the Carbon PA, PP, Flex-TPU, FUNCTIONAL-NYLON, Strong-ABS, ABS-ESD and ULTRA-PLA materials, while the Plus PRO can also work with PEEK, Carbon PEEK, PEKK and ToolingX CF.  

The One PRO and Plus PRO machines integrate with Roboze Prometheus slicing software and have been developed for end-to-end workflow management. With strategic printing profiles, the software enables prints to occur at twice the speed compared to the industry average, per Roboze, thanks to the UltraFAST profile. UltraFAST is currently compatible with Roboze’s Carbon PA material, but the company is working to extend the profile to other materials available on the PRO Series. The Prometheus UltraQuality profile, meanwhile, works with PEEK, Carbon PEEK and ToolingX CF – all of which can be processed on the PRO Series – will facilitate the printing of extremely detailed parts.  

“With the Roboze PRO series, production becomes stronger, faster and less expensive,” commented Alessio Lorusso, founder & CEO of Roboze. “We have engineered the Professional solution with the sole aim of providing a performance-oriented solution for manufacturing companies, expanding application opportunities with accessible materials and industrial-grade hardware-software solutions. We believe the quality of the systems, of the printing process and of the finished components can help to companies to limit risks, increase the safety of the supply chain and continue to keep their production alive and competitive.” 

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