SunPe showcases varied products at Med-tech Innovation Expo

SuNPe, a prototyping and low volume production company from China, has offerings in the medical plastics market, including injection moulding, prototyping, and 3D printing. They are showcasing many of their machines at Med-tech Innovation Expo.

SuNPe has four production factories with more than 550 skilled staff and 300 machines in total, which helps meet global customer’s increasing demands and SuNPe’s sustainable development.

At MTI expo, they have multiple products to showcase to visitors. Examples include:

Vacuum Casting: SuNPe owns 10 sets of vacuum casting machines, which can cast prototypes with the max dimension up to 2200mm*1200mm *1000mm. They are a widely used process in rapid prototyping, typically used for building 10 to 50 pieces of functional prototypes out of a broad range of polyurethanes and other polymers.

3D Printing: Their 3D printing service ensures accuracy and repeatability. Some of the advantages to their machines include cutting finishing time, reducing per-unit costs, identifies design flaws early and more.

CNC Machining Service: CNC is the most advantaged service in SuNPe, which can machine parts from varieties of block material. SuNPe provides CNC machining for prototypes and low volume production service for the medical field.

With experienced staff and technology, SuNPe is known for its customisation, reliable quality, high standard, time-saving, and low prices.

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