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Revopoint launches the MINI 3D scanner on Kickstarter – technical specifications and pricing

3D scanner manufacturer Revopoint has launched its latest 3D scanning system on Kickstarter.

Aimed at both consumers and professionals, the new space-efficient Revopoint MINI is the company’s first machine based on structured blue light technology. The full-color scanner is designed to combine performance and affordability, ensuring anyone and everyone can capture the finest feature details in their 3D scanning projects.

Compared to Revopoint’s flagship POP 2 scanner, the new MINI offers a smaller capture range and a higher scan precision of just 0.02mm. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of small part scanning applications with tight precision requirements, including reverse engineering, dental modeling, jewelry, industrial quality control, and 3D printing.

Scanning artistic models with the Revopoint MINI. GIF via Revopoint.
Scanning artistic models with the Revopoint MINI. GIF via Revopoint.

The Revopoint MINI

The Revopoint MINI is defined by its ease of use and simplicity, offering a compact form factor weighing just 160g. Manufactured out of die-cast aluminum, the system is designed to be as portable as possible and can be used in both handheld mode for larger parts and tripod mode for smaller parts. The firm has even included a 360° turntable in the box so users can sit back, relax, and let the scanner do its thing.

Unlike many laser-based scanning systems, the MINI is built to work without any positioning targets, meaning accessibility is a priority. The blue light technology powering the machine is also designed to be less sensitive to ambient light so it should capture excellent detail even in highly-lit environments.

Thanks to its full-color capabilities, the system will accurately recreate the color and texture of scanned parts with ease. Much like any scanner on the market, it may require a matte scanning spray when it comes to transparent, highly-reflective, or pitch black surfaces.

Looking at some of the key specs, the MINI can scan small objects down to 10 x 10 x 10mm, as well as larger objects up to a maximum of 500 x 500 x 500mm. The system comes equipped with a dual-camera setup, a dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor, and a scan speed of 10fps. According to Revopoint, the machine leverages a new scanning algorithm designed to enable a smoother scanning experience with minimal surface stitching errors.

The MINI holds its own against dedicated dental model scanners. GIF via Revopoint.
The MINI holds its own against dedicated dental model scanners. GIF via Revopoint.

A comprehensive software suite

Since the MINI is compatible with many of today’s major third-party engineering and design software, it can send the 3D file of a complete scan (in STL, OBJ, or PLY) directly to any smart device for additional post-processing.

Naturally, those that don’t want to use the MicroUSB cable included with the scanner can opt for Wi-Fi-based data transfer, allowing for an untethered experience.

Users also have the option to leverage Revopoint’s own software suite to aid in their 3D scanning workflows. Revo Scan is the firm’s proprietary scan preparation software, Revo Studio is a dedicated 3D model editing program, and Revo Calibration can be used to re-calibrate the 3D scanner and factory reset the internal settings.

The MINI is suitable for small-part applications such as jewelry. GIF via Revopoint.
The MINI is suitable for small-part applications such as jewelry. GIF via Revopoint.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the Revopoint MINI 3D scanner. The system is available now on Kickstarter with discounts for early adopters, starting at just $436 (43% off $769). The crowdfunding campaign has already raised over $1.5M and international shipping is expected to begin in August 2022.

The standard package includes the Revopoint MINI, tripod, phone holder, calibration board, scanning plate, and a turntable. The premium package also adds in a handheld stabilizer and a high-performance dual-axis turntable.

Technology Blue light
Cameras Two
Single-frame precision 0.02mm
Single-frame accuracy 0.05mm
Single capture range 64 x 118mm
Working distance 100 – 200mm
Minimum scan volume 10 x 10 x 10mm
Scan speed 10fps
Weight 160g
Dimensions 120 x 38.5 x 25mm
Wi-Fi 5G

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Featured image shows the Revopoint MINI. Photo via Revopoint.

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