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Anycubic to Launch Kobra Plus

Shenzhen-based printer manufacturer Anycubic has just announced the launch of the latest in the lineup of its Kobra series, the bigger and meatier Kobra Plus.

In addition, the company is introducing two new filaments as part of the launch.

Read on to know more about the new addition to the lineup.

Kobra Series

We have previously looked at the Anycubic Kobra line of printers before in this article.

They are a series of FDM printers aimed at the home user, and are known for their accurate auto bed leveling features (the Anycubic LeviQ system) that DIY makers appreciate.

The Anycubic LeviQ, if you recall, automatically detects 25-points on the print bed to compensate for unevenness, thus making leveling a worry-free task.

The latest Kobra 3D printer, the Anycubic Kobra Plus comes with all the features of the previous printers in the range but with a 300*300*350mm print volume allowing larger prints or larger production runs in one batch.

Kobra Plus

“We’re introducing Kobra Plus as an advanced edition to the Kobra product line. We manage to retain the fast-printing speed on Kobra Plus in an even more stable way, with upgrades to the most significant features from the Mega X,” said James Ouyang, Vice President of Anycubic.

“It ensures advanced 3D printing users can quickly get the best printing results and fulfill their imagination in a larger printing dimension. The equipment of our Anycubic LeviQ leveling system works just as fantastic to bring users further to the next phase.”

The Anycubic Kobra Plus serves as a professional and user-friendly product that ensures advanced users get the best printing results swiftly compared to other printing platforms, enhanced with easier operation and better usability overall.

Speedy? Yes, indeedy.

The printing speed on the Kobra Plus has been increased to 80-100mm/s, delivering twice the speed compared to other competitive products. The Kobra Plus continues to use a separated bowden extruder to ensure a stable and fast printing speed.

The 45W metal heater cartridge ensures quick heating of the hot end, and the dual cooling fans that run at a maximum speed of 6000 PRM cool down the print (if required).

The dual Z axis also contributes to fast printing with better printer stability, and the dual metal gears guarantee smooth filament transport.

All in all, everything is geared towards one thing: speedy and reliable printing!

Alongside the Kobra Plus launch, the company is releasing two new textured filaments. The filaments are Silky and Matte PLA varieties, and both are available in a whole range of tones and colors.

More Features

The print surface is made of carborundum glass which ensures your printed parts stick to the bed while being printed but are easy to remove when the bed has cooled off. Additionally, a filament runout sensor is included and a feature to resume a print after a power outage.

Pricing and Availability

The Kobra Plus 3D printer will begin retailing at 10:00 am EDT June 15th, 2022 / 4: 00 PM CEST June 15th, 2022 on the official Anycubic store, Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.

Anycubic will be providing an early bird offer of US$399 for the first 2,000 printers via their website, and the price will revert to US$499 once the initial run is sold.

You can see their website right here, if you would indeed like to be an early bird, or if you just fancy looking at their range of FFF and resin printers.

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