JEOL to introduce EBM metal 3D printer in North America

Japanese electron optics manufacturer JEOL is to launch its EBM metal additive manufacturing technology in North America at RAPID + TCT.

JEOL USA will exhibit the company’s JAM-5200EBM machine at the upcoming RAPID + TCT show in Detroit, as it enters into the equipment production phase of the platform. JAM-5200EBM was developed in Japan and parts produced with the machine have previously been exhibited at TCT Japan

The electron beam technology that powers the JAM-5200EBM system is said to draw upon JEOL’s 50 year experience in the development and production of mask writing and spot beam lithography tools with unique vacuum technology. JEOL believes the resulting additive manufacturing technology will be suited to the serial production of high quality, reproducible metal components in the aerospace, automotive and energy sectors. In these industries, JEOL says the technology can help reduce fuel consumption, weight and development time, as well as enable part consolidation.

JEOL’s JAM 5200EBM system boasts a manufacturing capacity of 250 x 400 mm, is compatible with Ti6Al4V, Ni718 and pure copper, and features a clean, helium-free environment. It also has remote monitoring capabilities, a pre-heat scan strategy that minimises powder scattering and smoke related defects, and layer-to-layer thermal management which controls microstructure and stresses. JEOL USA also says the machine has the capacity to process high-temperature alloys thanks to its 1100°C build chamber capability, while it has developed an extensive service and after sales support network of over 180 field service engineers.

“Our long history of development and production of advanced, field-proven electron microscopy and electron beam technology, combined with JEOL’s extensive service and support network, is an opportunity to integrate quality, reliability and productivity into the employment of this innovative technology,” commented JEOL USA President Robert Pohorenec.

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