3D Systems promises fast SLA production with new 3D printing solution

3D Systems has kicked off AMUG week with the launch of a new 3D printing solution which the company believes boasts the ‘fastest stereolithography printer’ to date.

The new SLA 750 and SLA 750 Dual 3D printers and accompanying PostCure 1050 post-processing system and Accura AMX Durable Natural material are said to offer an ‘industry-leading combination of print size, speed, accuracy, and resolution for final parts’ with the 750 Dual version benefiting from synchronous, dual-laser technology that is said to deliver part production at up to twice the speed and triple the throughput of other SLA solutions. The SLA 750 meanwhile features a single laser that delivers up to 30% faster print speeds but can be upgraded to the SLA 750 Dual. Both machines offer a maximum part build size of 750 x 750 x 550 mm, allowing users to produce large parts ranging from tooling and manufacturing aids to production parts and under the hood components.

“I see the launch of this new platform – which includes a synchronous dual-laser option, Accura materials, and the specialized curing oven – as an example of how we are executing on a global AM strategy that focuses on our strengths,” said Dr. David Leigh, executive vice president & chief technology officer for additive manufacturing, 3D Systems. “I believe we are entering an era where there will be a path of rapid evolution to our innovations. In this light, our multi-purpose SLA platform will become a system that can help scale production applications through built-in functional and throughput enhancements.”

Both machines use Hyper-Scan vector technology, a proprietary scanning algorithm that’s designed to optimise key speed and productivity elements such as laser focus and power, as well as vector motor kinematics to deliver improved printer speed and throughput. They also feature a self-calibrating dual-rail recoater to improve print process reliability and final part mechanical properties.

While the SLA 750 is set to become available in the second quarter of this year, with the 750 Dual planned for the fourth quarter, customers such as In’Tech Industries, Inc. and BTW Alpine F1 Team are already putting the technology to work.

“We produce hundreds of SLA parts every week, so time-to-finished-part for us is everything,” said Matt Harman, technical director, BTW Alpine F1 Team. “The SLA 750 increases our productivity and efficiency, allowing us to deliver superior quality production parts faster than ever. The entire system has been engineered for ease of operation, including automation. This is a huge step forward for our additive manufacturing capabilities and we are eager to extend our fleet with two more SLA 750s in 2022.”

Launching alongside the SLA 750 is Accura AMX Durable Natural resin which provides impact resistance, tear strength, and elongation at break to withstand repeated high mechanical loads and shocks. The material is said to exhibit similar stress/strain toughness performance to standard thermoplastics and has been tested per ASTM D4329 and ASTM G194 standards for indoor mechanical performance for up to eight years, and outdoor weathering stability for up to one and a half years. 3D Systems highlights potential applications in large, complex, mandrel tooling cores that can be easily removed from complex tubing as a single piece.

Completing the line-up is the PostCure 1050 post-processing station which promises high-speed drying and curing (5x faster than comparable solutions, according to 3D Systems) for batch jobs and large parts up to 1050mm x 750mm x 600mm. The system features consistent 360° light uniformity which allows more parts to be cured in less time without manual intervention and a one-step light output calibration routine to ensure more predictable and consistent prints. The PostCure 1050 is set to be available in the third quarter of this year and can be used with any 3D Systems resin-based printer and materials.

Bolstering the SLA 750’s suitability for production environments, the full workflow can be integrated into the factory floor through with Oqton, acquired by 3D Systems last year, an intelligent Manufacturing Operating System that allows manufacturers to increase efficiency by automating their production

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