3D Systems & Enhatch partner to scale patient-specific medical devices

3D Systems has partnered with an Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem to scale the design and delivery of patient-specific medical devices.

Enhatch is building an open ecosystem of technologies powered by artificial intelligence to personalise and accelerate the entire surgical workflow. 3D System’s believes by aligning with this ecosystem, it will be able to more efficiently meet the growing demand for personalised medical devices.

Having established a portfolio of product suited to the manufacture of patient-specific devices – including advanced software, expert treatment planning services, and custom implant and instrumentation design capabilities – 3D Systems has been involved in more than 140,000 patient-specific cases and manufactured more than two million implants and instruments. In Enhatch, it is partnering with a company that is looking to use artificial intelligence to evaluate and mitigate potential surgical planning risks. By combining their respective offerings, the partners believe they will create an optimised, automated and scalable medical device workflow.

“Our partnership with Enhatch will enable us to deliver the healthcare industry’s most comprehensive approach to additive manufacturing,” commented Menno Ellis, Executive Vice President, Healthcare Solutions, 3D Systems. “Integrating these technologies and capabilities into 3D Systems’ surgical planning solutions will make processes more efficient, trackable, and cost-effective. This is another step in our ongoing commitment to innovation that helps our customers remain at the forefront of medical device development and healthcare delivery.”

“Enhatch is proud to welcome 3D Systems to the Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem,” added peter Verrillo, co-founder and CEO of Enhatch. “Healthcare ecosystems have tremendous potential to disrupt and reshape the entire industry, leading to improved patient outcomes, faster, more accurate and safer procedures. Enhatch and 3D Systems have a shared goal of bringing surgeons and industry together with the best leading-edge technologies available.”

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