1016 Industries unveils limited edition custom Cullinan Rolls Royce with 3D printed parts

1016 Industries has announced its first-ever ‘custom 3D printed carbon fibre’ Rolls Royce Cullinan will hit the market for prices starting at $500,00.

The company is leading the way for integrated 3D printed parts and carbon fibre processes which have been showcased with some of the world’s largest vehicles including the Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren 720S, Ferrari F8 and many more.

Peter Northrup, CEO of 1016 Industries said: “1016 Industries engineer’s vehicles with an OEM-plus attitude, which means every piece of forged carbon in our new Cullinan seamlessly integrates into the existing bodywork and our company is dedicated to resetting the boundaries of auto engineering.

“Our carbon fibre work highlights the latest innovations in 3D printing processes and we’re incredibly pleased with the Cullinan, which utilises advanced manufacturing techniques that have never been successfully adopted in the industry before on this scale.”

1016 Industries is renowned for its all-terrain capabilities whilst presenting luxury designs and the company elevates the Cullinan to an entirely new level courtesy of the expertly produced carbon fibre used throughout.

The car’s design preserves the Rolls Royce distinctive front bumper and incorporates new running lights and sweeping fender flares and the custom designed carbon fibre reduces the car’s weight, making it lighter and stronger.

Peter added: “We are really proud of the new 1016 Industries custom Cullinan and the work that went into successfully designing this very special custom. Nobody is making forged carbon at this level of quality here in the US except for us and additionally, another plus side of our company focusing on the manufacturing here in the US is that 1016 Industries can make sure our clients get what they want quickly right when they order it. Our vehicles are ready in weeks, not months or years.”

Collectors of the new vehicle can choose between non-exposed carbon materials, partially exposed or ultra-rare partially forged carbon fibre when designing it.

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