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During Dutch Design Week 2021, Aectual is launching a collection of 3D printed room dividers and office partitions designed by House of DUS and through collaboration between Roos Meeder and Michiel Wijnen. The exhibition is located at Strijp R in Eindhoven. On Sunday, October 24th, the winner of the ‘Aectual Screen Design competition 2021’ will be announced during a celebratory closing event.

3D printed room dividers and partition screens at Dutch Design Week 2021. Made by Aectual and House of DUS
Screen Crochet by House of DUS

The 3D printed room dividers and partition screens can be used in a variety of settings, from private homes and offices to restaurants and hotels. They are available standard in a choice of 17 different colors, and available in any RAL, NCS, or Pantone color at an additional cost. All room dividers and partition screens are part of Actual’s ‘Circular Service,’ which means that the customers receive a cash-back deposit when the products are returned for recycling after use. The room divider and screen material is then shredded and directly reprinted into new products.

House of DUS, the architecture firm whose founders also laid the foundation for design-to-manufacture platform Aectual, developed several partition designs that all create a graphical spatial effect. By playing with recurring oval and square shapes that become larger and smaller and close and open, more privacy or transparency can be created: “We wanted to create screens that allow the client to make their own unique version, whilst simultaneously unmistakably keep the strength of the intrinsic design”. In the ‘Chrochet Screen,’ the designers pushed the novel craft of 3D printing even further, with a screen that appears to be crocheted, and that is both flexible and soft as well as strong. “We love it that the screens can be used both as art piece as well as functional objects. At my home it hangs on the wall, but just as well at the office it brings a specific softness as a room divider” says Martine de Wit of House of DUS.

Interior designers Roos Meeder and Michiel Wijnen approached Aectual as they wanted to create an extra layer between the restaurant and kitchen of the interior of restaurant Nazka. The graphic algorithm by Aectual provided a solution. “The idea that we could create a large screen, as a seamless whole specifically made to fit the space, with an ever-changing pattern, and in a unique color, was very appealing to us.” Said Roos Meeder and Michiel Wijnen. The screen design, freely inspired by pre-Colombian patterns, has a dynamic rectangular grid and alternating diagonal panes. The result was so attractive that the screens now have become part of Aectual’s collection. “We like it that the screens, which are so intrinsically characteristic for Nazka, also stand very well on their own, and serve beautifully as a room divider or brise soleils, for example”.

3D printed room dividers and partition screens at Dutch Design Week 2021. Made by Aectual and House of DUS
Screen Nazka in restaurant Nazka, by Roos Meeder & Michiel Wijnen

To emphasize the versatility of Aectuals screens, designers, and enthusiasts amateurs from all over the world are invited to design their own partition screens and take part in Aectuals 2021 Screen Design Competition. An internationally acclaimed jury including designer Tom Dixon, Thonik co-founder Nikki Gonnissen, Elle-Decoration Editor-in-Chief Eveline Reich, Michele di Pasca Maglione of Zaha Hadid Architects, and Martine de Wit of House of DUS / Aectual, will announce the winner during the Dutch Design Week 2021 celebratory event on October 24. The winner will receive an award and the winning design produced. Click here for more information about the competition. ​

The room dividers and screens are being presented for the first time at Dutch Design Week in a showroom setting in collaboration with NEL, the new sustainable sofa brand by Jorrit Tol. Aectual and NEL share many sustainable values and their products combine well in a variety of settings.

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