Nexa3D launches Everlast-2 membrane technology and unveils new medical application at RAPID + TCT

Nexa3D has announced the launch of its ‘next-generation’ membrane Everlast-2, which is said to enable quicker print speed, better surface quality and increased functional durability.

Exhibiting the Everlast-2 at RAPID + TCT, the Everlast-2 has built upon the capabilities of Nexa3D’s Everlast Membrane and is designed to last for more than 50,000 printed layers – which the company claims is up to 25x longer than alternative interface layer technologies.

Nexa3D also suggests that its Everlast Membrane technology overcomes the constraints of other products on the market, such as clouding, chemical instability and doming effects, while ensuring greater feature details, smoother surface and additional productivity benefits. Its ‘consistent optical transmittance’, meanwhile, means the 1,000th part produced with its NXE 400 3D printing platform will be identical to the first and its tough and resilient surface will open the machine up to ‘previously unprintable materials.’ The Everlast-2 is fully compatible with NXE 400 workflows and printing parameters, which include dynamic performance monitoring of the membranes with predictive usability feedback.

“Everlast-2 is the membrane of choice for customers that are more discerning about achieving greater printability performance without compromising speed,” commented Nexa3D Chief Growth Officer Michele Marchesan. “Everlast-2 delivers greater feature definition and enhanced overall part smoothness. For customers who don’t want to spend precious time on part finishing – Everlast-2 shines.”

At RAPID + TCT, Nexa3D will also be highlighting its work with Henkel to develop an additively manufactured SKOP stethoscope for WeMed.

This device is believes to be the first of its kind to be additively manufactured and can only be manufactured this way because of a complex geometry. It has been developed using biometric design based on the human ear and is said to provide ‘excellent listening quality’. With the device already tested, it has attracted the interest of cardiologists, pulmonologists, general practitioners and emergency physicians, with annual production volumes expected to exceed 100,000.

“We developed the SKOP in response to a global call for democratised, affordable tele- consulting healthcare solutions,” said Cyrille Lecroq, co-founder and CEO of WeMed. “From the get-go, it was obvious to us, that our biomimicry design, could only be manufactured using 3D printing. Together with our additive manufacturing expert partner, Third, we selected Nexa3D’s ultrafast 3D printers with Henkel’s customised materials as the best production solution to meet our productivity, reproducibility, precision, and cost requirements, so that we can quickly and deliver hundreds of thousands of SKOPs to waiting customers around the world.”

“This project highlights the inherent advantages of our ultrafast additive manufacturing capabilities,” offered Kevin McAlea, COO of Nexa3D. “The ability to perform rapid design iterations and design-based materials performance and colour optimisation, without any traditional manufacturing design constraints was essential to bringing this game-changing product to market quickly. Our printers were selected not only for the ability to produce high quality parts, but for the speed and significant economic advantage they provide.”

Nexa3D is also showcasing its xWASH, xCURE and xCLEAN modules, as well as its thermoplastic production system, the QLS350.

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