Desktop Health’s Flexcera Base resin for 3D printed dental prosthetics gets FDA clearance

Desktop Metal’s Desktop Health brand has announced the FDA 510(k) clearance of its Flexcera Base resin for use in 3D printed dental prosthetics.

Flexcera Base, along with Flexcera Smile, are Desktop Health’s first formulated digital dental products and have been developed from a combination of ceramic and long chain chemistry. Desktop Health was launched in March, following the acquisition of EnvisionTEC in January.

Teaming Flexcera materials with EnvisionTEC 3D printing systems, dental professionals are said to be able to produce up to eight customised denture products within two hours. According to Desktop Health, the materials exhibit a high fracture resistance, high moisture resistance that prevents staining and discolouration, and a natural aesthetic that offers ‘lifelike tooth translucency.’

The Flexcera products are expected to launch commercially in the US and Canada by the end of June.  

“Three years ago, we set out to create a product that addressed the limitations of current 3D printed dental prosthetics – brittleness and poor aesthetics,” commented Michael Jafar, President and CEO of Desktop Health. “The introduction of Flexcera marks the inception of a remarkable new era in dentistry, combining advanced Flexcera science with 3D printing technology to deliver superior strength, aesthetics and function for patients. We are pleased to bring this innovative product to market as it represents our commitment to meet the needs of dental professionals and their patients.”

“Desktop Health has changed my approach to personalised dentistry,” added Dr Ryan Dunlop, DMD of Full Arch Masters. “The Flexcera resin delivers on the four cornerstones of why 3D printing works so well: strength, high aesthetics, accuracy and speed. With Flexcera, I am now able to deliver beautiful, high-quality and same-day dental prosthetics in record time, customised to the patients, while they are in the chair.”

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