Roboze launches automation system for ARGO 500 3D printing platform

Roboze has announced the launch of a PLC industrial automation system to support the application of its ARGO 500 Additive Production System.

The Roboze Automate system was developed in collaboration with automation and process control technology company B&R. It has been designed, per Roboze, to ‘bring customised 3D printing with super polymers and composites into the production workflow.’

Roboze’s ARGO 500 platform is capable of processing materials like PEEK, CarbonPEEK, ULTEM AM9085F and Carbon PA to build up metal replacement parts within its 1935 x 1436 x 2375 mm build chamber that can be heated up to 356°F. The company believes the ARGO 500 system and its supporting portfolio of materials are suitable for application in sectors such as aerospace and medical.

In a bid to enhance the capabilities of the machine, Roboze has teamed up with B&R to develop an automated system that monitors results and reports data through all phases of the additive manufacturing process via its advanced sensors and remote diagnostic tools. Predictive maintenance has also been built-in through automatic remote updates of new features and software parameters. Roboze Automate, the company is confident, will allow customers to address any inconsistencies in their part production and certify every printed component, which, because of the ARGO 500’s large build volume, could be produced in batches up to 3,000 parts in one machine.

The new automation capabilities will be made available to all new ARGO 500 Additive Production Systems.

“As the need for strong, resilient infrastructure in the US and around the world continues to climb, we are bringing 3D manufacturing to a new level of consistency, repeatability, process control and production speed,” commented Roboze CEO Alessio Lorusso. “Our components-as-a-service approach is upending error-ridden manufacturing fluctuations and materials shortages to support true industrial-scale 3D manufacturing.”

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