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3D printing as a hobby is expensive. As a result, most designers try to sell their creations to family and friends. However, it starts to get tricky when orders start rolling in and exceed what a singular person can do with their printer. To get around this, Youtuber Devin Montes turned to the Angled platform to produce his Tippi Tree game.

Recently there has been a need for a platform where 3D designers can upload their designs online and then outsource the manufacturing of their physical products. Leveraging Slant3D‘s 3D printing factory production capabilities, Angled does just that. With, anyone can make their 3D printing hobby into a business. There’s no dealing with manufacturing, shipping, or customer service. Creators can now turn their design file into a product and ship it out without ever having to touch a cardboard box.

YouTuber Devin Montes has already jumped on the team. Like most creators, Devin didn’t have time to run a side business because running his YouTube channel was already a full-time job. On his channel “Make Anything”, with 500,000 subscribers, Devin shares his awesome toys and gadgets every week with other 3D makers.

But while he was creating awesome products, there was never really a way to make them available for fans that didn’t have a 3D printer. However once Devin submitted his toy design for his game “Tippi Tree” to, all of his fans could have access to his creations. Now he could focus on his channel and just watch his sales numbers continuously climb.

Angled CEO Gabe Bentz said it simply, “There is no more setting up Esty shops, no more packing boxes. You can now just create awesome stuff and share it with the world, and make some money.” is powered by Slant 3D’s printing farm which is the largest in the world. With Slant 3D’s print-on-demand services, Angled is able to turn around designs into products in the blink of an eye. ​Our mission is to provide on-demand products through 3D printing farms to help consumers find unique, novelty items and empower designers to create products with ease. As we are growing exponentially, we strive to be one of the first companies to harness the true power of 3D printing.

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