How did UWTI go from prototyping to production with Sculpteo?

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With the UWTI case study, learn more about how 3D Printing can allow you to develop and then produce your product.

Who are they?

With 10 years of experience in consulting and innovation, Arnaud Brachet and Arnaud Le Cat have focused on revolutionizing team building and training with an interactive business game, UWTI. Their mission is simple, reinvent and innovate the way of managing and working for today’s workforce. As trained engineers, Arnaud and Arnaud specialized in design and consulting and focused on innovation and management problems to transform the world of teamwork training. Created for managers and professional consultants, coaches, and trainers, the game mobilizes a team around a unifying and straightforward objective.

Their challenge with 3D Printing?

At first, 3D Printing was only to prototype their innovative boxes. After seeing the parts’ quality, they decided to produce and launch their first series on the market with Sculpteo. Learn more about their experience in their case study.

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