Jabil launches patent-pending PA 0600 material for traditional and additive manufacturing

Jabil Engineered Materials has announced the launch of its PA 0600 polymer material which boasts high strength and stiffness while eliminating formaldehyde emissions.

The patent-pending material was formulated and produced at Jabil’s Minnesota-based Materials Innovation Center and is able to be used is traditional and additive manufacturing.  

Jabil PA 0600 has been formulated without formaldehyde, eliminating the release of noxious fumes associated with Delrin or POM-like materials when it is overheated. It exhibits high stiffness, dimensional stability, good wear resistance, low-friction and self-lubrication characteristics, making it suitable for the production of gears, bearings and rollers, as well as jigs, fixtures and tooling components. The company believes the material will be of interest to players in the aerospace, automotive and industrial manufacturing sectors.

“We’re building upon Jabil’s legacy in materials science to improve existing polymers or create new ones at the molecular level to benefit our customers,” commented Matt Torosian, Additive Product Management Director at Jabil. “Our focus on innovation led to the discovery of our PA 0600 filament, which has a unique formulation with Acetal plastic attributes but without potentially dangerous formaldehyde emissions associated with overheating.”

The new material is available immediately through DigiKey and is also feature in the Ultimaker Marketplace in Ultimaker Cura.

“Jabil PA 0600 filament is an exciting, engineered material advancement, offering a viable Delrin alternative with the durability and strength for a wide range of additive manufacturing applications,” added Bas de Jong, VP Market Development, Materials & Strategic Partnerships at Ultimaker. “Previous materials from Jabil that are already available in the Ultimaker Marketplace in Ultimaker Cura offer users first-time right results and peace of mind while printing on our 3D printers and using the printed applications.”

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