Henkel & PostProcess Technologies announce partnership to enable ‘revolutionising’ of resin 3D printing workflows

PostProcess Technologies and Henkel are collaborating to provide better assistance to companies ‘revolutionising’ their resin 3D printing workflows with automated post-printing.

Through this partnership, PostProcess Technologies will be part of Henkel’s Loctite 3D Printing Workflow tool, which documents the print, cleaning and curing settings required to meet the specified material properties. With this information, Henkel and PostProcess Technologies will also be able to match Henkel customers with the most suitable automated post-processing platform for their specific resin 3D printing workflow.

This partnership, Henkel believes, will better enable it to serve its customers with the offer of more validated cleaning solutions for 3D printing resins. The company has made available a wide range of resin materials for 3D printing technology and has helped to enable applications in the aerospace, automotive, engineering and consumer goods markets. PostProcess Technologies, meanwhile, is among the leading providers of post-processing platforms for 3D printing technology, with a wealthy offering designed for users of resin-based processes.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with PostProcess as they offer industrial solutions for post cleaning of photopolymer 3D resins,” commented Sam Bail, Head of 3D Printing Sales and Partnership Programs at Henkel. “Part cleaning and chemical compatibility is a critical step toward achieving repeatable material performance as part of Henkel’s workflow validation.”

“It’s exciting for us to cooperate with a renowned brand in the additive manufacturing space,” added Jeff Mize, CEO at PostProcess Technologies. “Much like Henkel, PostProcess keeps its eyes on not just one aspect of the additive process, but rather the entire end-to-end workstream. We’re looking forward to enabling Henkel’s future resin material developments with corresponding automated post-printing solutions that level up productivity and scalability.”

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