Xometry adds Stratasys Direct Manufacturing’s SLS nylon capabilities to 3D printing offering

Users of Xometry’s digital manufacturing network will now have access Stratasys Direct Manufacturing’s Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology and high-performance nylon materials.

The companies have partnered to broaden the accessibility of high-performance SLS components, with manufacturers able to have parts produced in four nylon materials by Stratasys Direct and via Xometry.

SLS is said to be among the most popular technologies used at Stratasys Direct, with the process being leveraged to produce prototyping, tooling and limited-run production parts. The materials the company is offering via the Xometry marketplace are Nylon 11 EX, Nylon 11 HST, Nylon 12 AF and Nylon 12 CF. The 11 EX material is a tough, impact-resistant material that is popular in complex ductwork, snap-fit designs and thin-walled components, while the Nylon 11 HST is filled with mineral fibre to ensure temperature resistance and stiffness for structural and load-bearing applications. Nylon 12 AF is an aluminium-filled composite that boasts strength, stiffness and a metallic appearance, said to be applicable for metallic prototypes, jigs and fixtures and functional components. Finally, Nylon 12 CF is a carbon fibre-filled material that is resistant to high temperatures and wear, high in strength and stiffness and is suitable for underhood components in vehicles and wind tunnel display models.

“Xometry is built to help lead the charge for the democratisation of 3D printing and other manufacturing solutions. A key component to improving accessibility and simplifying the sourcing of custom components is partnering with trusted suppliers like Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, who expertise in SLS manufacturing is unrivalled,” commented Xometry CEO Randy Altschuler. “That’s why we’re excited to announce that Stratasys Direct is the exclusive provider of these high-performance SLS materials.”

“We have built up the technical expertise and quality processes needed for the most demanding requirements in the world, which is why the world’s leading energy, aerospace and automotive companies trust us,” added Stratasys Americas President Rich Garrity. “Joining Xometry’s marketplace will make high-performance nylon SLS parts more accessible to a broader community of manufacturers worldwide.”

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