Equispheres launches three metal 3D printing powders & engineering service offering

Equispheres has launched three new metal additive manufacturing powders that can be bundled with an advanced engineering service offering.

The metal powder company believes the combination of its specialty powders and its engineering services will help customers ensure they achieve ‘optimal results’ with their metal additive manufacturing applications.

Each designed to provide increased print precision, part strength and faster print speed, the new materials are variations on the company’s original, high-performance AlSi10Mg powder. The materials are named Equispheres Performance, Equispheres Precision and Equispheres Production.

Equispheres Performance is said to achieve a 20-30% increase in the a-basis design allowable compared with traditional powders, while also offering enhanced printed part strength and performance across a range of applications. The Equispheres Precision powder is able to support applications that require fine features and precision, and has proven to provide a 50% improvement in dimensional accuracy during testing. Equispheres Production, meanwhile, has been developed to enable cost-per-part reductions and is said to be able to facilitate the rapid production of parts without compromising mechanical performance. The company says it is working on parameter sets to further increase production speed of Equispheres Production by up to three to four times, and is also set to announce an additional line of products specifically for sintering and use in binder jet printers later this quarter.

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“Equispheres’ unique proprietary atomisation process is carefully controlled and can be managed with precision,” commented Dr Conlon, CTO at Equispheres. “Powder features such as particle size distribution, morphology and chemistry can be optimised to achieve specific behaviour in the laser melting process and to meet defined application requirements.”

“The unique nature of the Equispheres powder requires the use of special printer parameters to achieve the best outcome,” said Evan Butler-Jones, Director of Applications Engineering at Equispheres. “Our research team has been working with our industrial partners in automotive and aerospace to arrive at the optimal methods for the application of our powder. For new customers that knowledge on how to best use the powder is just as important as having the powder itself, which is why we now offer engineering services to facilitate the implementation of the powder into production.”

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