Rusal America enters additive manufacturing space with metal powder portfolio

Vertically integrated aluminium company Rusal America has announced its entry into the additive manufacturing space with the release of a nine-strong portfolio of powders.

The new additive manufacturing powders portfolio is made up of four traditional Ai-Si-based casting alloys and five specialty alloys, which are said to be suitable for application within the aerospace, automotive and general industry sectors.

Among the portfolio are the RS-330 AlSi9Cu3 copper-doped casting alloy with improved strength and lower ductility than AlSi10Mg; the RS-356 AlSi7Mg casting alloy which has better ductility than the AlSi10Mg; the RS-230 Al-Cu and RS-390 Al-Si-Ni alloys which are suitable for applications up to 250°C; and the RS-553 Al-Mg-Sc alloy which is a corrosion resistant and very high strength material that is said to maintain comparable strength at a lower cost that other Al-Sc AM alloys. All nine materials within the portfolio are 100% pre-alloyed and fully metallic with no ceramic or nano inclusions, while also atomised from Rusal’s ALLOW feedstock which is said to have a carbon footprint 75% less than the global industry average.

Rusal believes it is ‘uniquely positioned’ to provide aluminium products to the AM industry, thanks to its deep expertise aluminium alloys development at its Rusal Light Materials and Technology Institute, as well as its ‘world-class’ inert gas powder atomisation facilities.

“From primary aluminium and foundry alloys to billets and wire rod, Rusal America is a trusted supplier with a reputation for delivering unmatched high-quality, low-carbon aluminium products backed by customer and technical support that is second to none,” commented C. Brian Hesse, President and CEO of Rusal America. “We are excited to deliver the same to customers new and existing through our new line of innovative AM powder alloys.”

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