Materialise adds VR Viewer to Mimics 3D modelling software

Materialise has integrated virtual reality (VR) capabilities within its Mimics 3D modelling software to enhance planning and communication thanks to improved visualisation.

The company launched its Mimics VR Viewer at the RSNA Annual Meeting on the back of an increased demand for VR tools that enable greater education and training, as well as patient engagement, physician communication and anatomy visualisation.

Mimics Viewer is said to facilitate faster and lower-cost visualisation, while also removing tethering restrictions that exist with other VR applications. It enables compatibility across multiple devices which allows several people to access the VR experience remotely, eliminating the need for a physical lab space dedicated to VR, while also boasting digital tools that will help clinicians develop personalised treatments with improved depth and proportion perception.

The company believes its Mimics VR Viewer will help to make collaborative planning much easier and allow users to address more complex projects.  

“3D printed anatomical models continue to provide irreplaceable value for doctors in the planning and communication of complex cases,” commented Bryan Crutchfield, vice president and general manager, Materialise North America. “As VR technologies become more seamless, the technology will have an important complementary role as a faster, low-cost option for interactive models. The interactive nature of a VR environment opens new doors for planning, education and communication and allow physicians to easily address more complex cases through personalised planning.”

Materialise says medical organisations that have already invested in the digital workflows for segmenting medical images for 3D printing can use this technology to extend their digital models to VR headsets, while there is no extra software installation, with users able to access cases directly in a secure browser environment.

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