3D Universe Untethered 6 – Creating the Kinetic Hand, a 3D Printable Hand by Mat Bowtell

In Episode 6 of 3D Universe Untethered, co-hosts Jeremy Simon and Jen Owen of 3D Universe spend an hour chatting with Mat Bowtell, founder of Free 3D Hands in Australia and designer of the Kinetic Hand, a 3D printed assistive device.

After a successful career in the automotive industry, Mat decided to devote himself full time to designing and 3D printing hands and providing them to kids for free.


Free 3D Hands (Photo Courtesy of Mat Bowtell)

Free 3D Hands

Free 3D Hands has now provided hundreds of devices to people all over the world. Mat has invested in world class CAD software and shares his designs open source for anyone to access for free.

Mat spent several years developing his latest design, the Kinetic Hand, which introduces some exceptional new features not found in other 3D printable hand designs. His hope is that much like the original e-NABLE 3D printed hand design that was released open-source in January of 2013 by its co-creators Ivan Owen and Richard Van As – others will take his new Kinetic hand design and help to improve it.


Original “Robohand” 3D printed hand design by Ivan Owen and Richard Van As in 2013

Introducing the 3D Printed Kinetic Hand

Check out the video below to hear more from Mat and his work and find out how you can help improve the design!

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