Orthodent Laboratory partners with PostProcess Technologies

PostProcess Technologies and Orthodent Laboratory (ODL) have announced a partnership that will look to advance efficiencies in the production of custom orthodontic products.

ODL has integrated the PostProcess DEMI Resin Removal platform and RADOR Surface Finishing system to support its Carbon Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) capabilities.

The company has deployed Carbon’s 3D printing technology to develop custom orthodontic solutions that fit to 99.9% accuracy when teamed with ODL’s 3D intraoral scanning technology. While the combination of these technologies already reduces ‘chair time’, the company has looked to leverage the expertise of PostProcess Technologies to make the post-processing steps more efficient too.

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Further improving its automated workflow, DEMI’s Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) technology is said to optimise the resin removal processes, while RADOR’s advanced vibratory technology helps to surface finish printed parts to their ‘desired roughness average.’ ODL expects both platforms to contribute significant increases in efficiency, throughput and safety as it looks to continue its supply of custom orthodontic products.

“Much like PostProcess, we entered our industry to revolutionise it and drive digital innovation,” commented Michael Wright, President of ODL. “Both the DEMI and RADOR are bringing us closer to a fully automated workflow and simultaneously bolstering our operation with smart solutions that streamline our processes and help us upkeep the high product quality standards we are nationally recognised for.”

“Not only do ODL and PostProcess both hail from Western New York, both our value propositions align in terms of leveraging additive for streamlined digitalisation,” added Nate Harris, VP of Sales, North America at PostProcess Technologies. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with ODL as they take on the digitisation of the orthodontic segment on a national scale.”

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