Fast Radius installs Carbon L1 3D printing system for larger part production

Fast Radius has integrated the Carbon L1 3D printing system into its fleet of additive manufacturing equipment as it expands its partnership with the Silicon Valley-based vendor.  

The on-demand service manufacturer adds the L1 to an existing group of Carbon M series machines. It has adopted the L1, which is equipped with a build volume roughly five times that of the M2, to facilitate the production of larger components.

Fast Radius and Carbon have worked together since 2017, with the former leveraging the latter’s 3D printing technology to produce critical automotive components, point of care diagnostic testing for COVID-19 and parts for office furniture. The L1 machine, which was launched last year and made commercially available 12 months ago, will now bolster what is said to be the largest public-use fleet of Carbon Digital Light Synthesis technology in North America.

Other users of the L1 machine include Adidas and Riddell, who have leveraged the technology for its capacity to produce larger volumes of parts compared to the M series, while also enabling them to move from prototype to production on the same platform. The machine’s ability to enable high accuracy parts at speed helps to generate quicker time-to-market, while continuous software updates deliver new features, material options and printer performance enhancements at regular intervals.

With the L1 machine installed and ready to go, Fast Radius believes it will now be better able to cater to the needs of its customer base.

“We’ve seen great success with the Carbon DLS process, and the L1 printer will allow us to meet customer demand for larger DLS parts. The speed and accuracy of the DLS process used in both printer series makes them attractive for end-use parts and rapid prototyping as well,” commented Lou Rassey, CEO at Fast Radius. “By adding the L1 printer to our fleet, we’re offering exciting new capabilities to print large parts and higher volumes of parts more economically.”

“We’ve built an exceptional partnership in collaboration with Fast Radius that has resulted in bringing reimagined products to market in less time than using historical manufacturing processes,” added Ellen Kullman, CEO at Carbon. “Having our largest partner in North America double down on their commitment to Carbon with the adoption of the L1 printer is validation of the demand we are seeing for large-scale end-use parts.”

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