DSM launches clear resin for DLP and LCD 3D printing technologies

DSM has launched a general-purpose clear resin for Digital Light Processing (DLP) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) 3D printing technologies.

Developed in collaboration with ecosystem partner Origin, the Somos QuickGen 500 acrylate material is said to enable fast printing speeds and be ideal for the printing of functional and general prototyping needs, as well as applications with detailed features or fluid flow analysis.

The material is said to boast flexibility, stiffness and ‘spring back’, while performing consistently, ‘independent of how quickly force or strain are applied.’ With a print speed twice as fast as similar materials on the market, DSM believes the material will help users increase productivity, while reducing both time and costs.

DSM joined Origin’s open materials network in May 2019 to optimise materials for the Origin One platform, according to customer demand. With the QuickGen 500, the material will not only be available to Origin users, but companies deploying other DLP and LCD platforms.

“We’re excited to expand our materials portfolio with Somos QuickGen 500, an engineered resin boasting fast print speeds at an economical cost,” commented Geoff Gardner, Innovations Director Additive Manufacturing at DSM. “DSM continues supporting all manufacturing needs with high performance materials for all 3D printing technologies.”

“With the introduction of Somos QuickGen 500, our industry now has a material that pushes the boundaries of 3D printing, enabling high performance, fast printing, economical parts,” added Origin CEO Chris Prucha. “This would not have been possible without the combination of material innovation, open material development technology and tight collaboration between our two companies.”

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