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Superstrata, a Silicon Valley-based bicycle brand, known for its 3D printed carbon fiber bicycles and e-bicycles, is launching the Superstrata store with custom products and an advanced online configurator on the company’s official portal. In 3dpbm Research’s recently released market report, the composites AM market is expected to evolve into an over $10 billion dollar yearly business opportunity by the end of this decade. Such end-use composite 3D printed products represent a key driver for the rapidly growing, young composites AM segment.

Superstrata’s custom 3D printed unibody thermoplastic carbon fiber composite bicycles and e-bicycles are now available for order on its online store featuring the Superstrata Studio, a made-to-order configurator platform. The system allows buyers to input their measurements, riding styles and preferences, desired color/design, and component level to configure their own personalized bicycles.

Arevo, an advanced manufacturing company, provides the foundational technology, high-speed composite additive manufacturing, which makes the production at scale of the Superstrata possible. The technology consists of a proprietary portfolio of advanced software, robotic systems, and new materials to offer the ability to quickly and accurately design and produce at scale large, complex thermoplastic composite parts.

Superstrata store

“We wanted to show what we can do, and the scale at which we can do it so we can find partners we could serve. We wanted to print something complex. Something big. Something you couldn’t have produced from a traditional 3D printer or composite fabrication process,” said Tuan TranPham, Arevo Chief Revenue Officer.

“The Superstrata embodies the convergence of the most exciting aspects in additive manufacturing to date: an innovative, fully customizable design that can be produced at scale and speed, enabled by cutting edge technology in robotics and materials science. This project reminds me a lot of the excitement I had when I was working at Tesla,” added Maneesh Jain, Arevo VP of Engineering and Operations.

Superstrata store

Superstrata has received strong support, not only from backers but also from other consumer brands. It launched a number of special editions, including Ultraman, the iconic Japanese superhero, Time Warp, one of the largest techno musical festivals in the world, and Le Petit Prince, the timeless work by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The Superstrata launch campaign concluded on October 10 after receiving over $7 million in orders from nearly 5,000 people from over 80 countries, becoming one of the fastest growing and the 4th most successful campaigns of all time on Indiegogo (the crowdfunding platform on which the brand initially launched).

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