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A 3D printed statue of Jerry Rig Everything » 3dpbm

It’s no longer a secret – if you’ve been following this website – that concrete 3D printing is skyrocketing. As further proof, the technology is now expanding beyond construction, into decorative products and even pranks. Video creator and technology reviewer Jerry Rig Everything turned to Pikus Concrete, developers of a concrete 3D printing system, to play the coolest prank on his best friend, who had recently moved away. How? with a 3D printed statue of himself, of course.

Jerry and Pikus 3D printed a 6,000 lb statue out of concrete and placed it – with an integrated water fountain – right next to the pool at his best friend’s house. Check out the video above to see the whole process. The mere fact that more and more people like Jerry (or Jay Leno before him), who boasts some 6 million followers on his YouTube channel, continue to find interesting new uses and applications for different 3D printing technologies and processes, is a very positive sign for the future of the AM industry as a whole.

“As soon as I learned that a 3D Concrete printer was a real thing,” Jerry explained, “I knew it was time to build something cool.” In doing this, he created a fantastic video showing how the concrete printer works, and how heavy solid a 12 ft tall statue can get. “3D Printing with concrete is actually really cool technology – he concluded adding that: “the 3D concrete printing process is super fast compared to regular plastic 3D printing.”

The Pikus Concrete 3D printer at work on the bottom half of Jerry.



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