#45 Additive Insight: Xometry CEO on the power of distributed manufacturing

On this week’s episode of Additive Insight, we’re joined by Randy Altschuler, CEO of on-demand manufacturing marketplace, Xometry.

Earlier this year, TCT spoke with Randy about the importance of localised manufacturing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In this Q&A, we elaborate on that idea by discussing the benefits distributed manufacturing can provide going forward, how Xometry is enabling that with a network of over 5,000 manufacturing partners, and how it’s looking to tackle one of the next big challenges facing the industry – climate change.

Speaking about the company’s industrial customer base which includes major manufacturers like BMW, Randy said: “Some of our largest customers are some of the largest manufacturers out there, so they’re deep in the industry themselves … they end up being really good customers because they know exactly what they want, they know what they’re really good at and what they want to focus on and what they’d rather partner with somebody else on. They’re constantly pushing the envelope of what they can do and so they look at folks like Xometry as a way to extend their penetration or adoption of those [additive manufacturing] technologies in a much more efficient agile way.”

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