ParaMatters launches upgraded CogniCAD 4.0 platform

Generative design software company ParaMatters has announced the release of its latest software upgrade which is said to better enable automated workflows for digital and traditional manufacturers.

CogniCAD 4.0 is equipped to support users harnessing additive manufacturing, 3-axis and 5-axis CNC milling, and investment and die casting, with high-performance and lightweight structures able to be generated automatically.

The latest version of the software platform is said to be more robust than previous editions, with an increased control over geometry helping to enhance multi-plane symmetry and accurate feature sizes, for example. A new and advanced support structure generator helps users prepare files for 3D printing, while there are also enhanced part orientation, slicing, hollowing and latticing capabilities.

Users can access these capabilities after importing CAD files and defining loading, design and manufacturing criteria. Within tens of minutes, generative designs can then be verified by built-in finite element analysis tools and then either directly manufactured with 3D printing or transferred to a traditional process.

“With ParaMatters 4.0, both digital and traditional manufacturers can take advantage of this powerful agnostic CAD-to-CAD generative design and lightweighting software,” commented ParaMatters Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Michael Bogomolny. “Traditional manufacturers now have access to a one-of-a-kind technology that enables them to create lightweighted and structurally validated parts to meet their design and manufacturing needs. Designers and engineers can automatically generate high-performance designs that consider various manufacturing technologies and make decisions based on a cost, performance and time-to-market basis.”

Though the latest version of CogniCAD has just been released, ParaMatters has also confirmed it is working to develop advanced algorithms to help enhance digital threads. Primarily, this includes a cloud-based generative design platform that automatically compiles lightweight and latticed structures on-demand and in accordance with size, weight, strength, style, materials and cost criteria as specified by the user.

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