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OKM3D and Raise3D to conquer Europe


With offices in France and Germany, OKM3D has become the largest distributor of Raise3D products and solutions in Europe. It now operates for Raise3D in 7 countries, including France, Germany, Austria, Poland, etc. Offering a portfolio of innovative brands and mastering proven technologies such as material extrusion, stereolithography or selective laser sintering, OKM3D has deployed an extensive network of partners throughout Europe facilitating the sale and use of Raise3D machines. For more than a year now, OKM3D has been working with Rupture Tech Consulting to further accelerate this distribution activity in Europe. But what makes Raise3D successful today? How did OKM3D become the largest distributor of this brand in Europe?

If you know the additive manufacturing market, you have undoubtedly already heard about the manufacturer Raise3D and its famous red and black FDM machines. The manufacturer has successfully launched its latest machine, the E2, this year. A printer that has been added to their professional range, the Pro2 Series (Pro2 and Pro2 Plus), which is compatible with a wide range of thermoplastics. These are reliable and robust high-volume printers, the open system and powerful free software (ideaMaker and RaiseCloud) have made the brand a success in Europe. Raise3D is undoubtedly one of the leading manufacturers of office FDM 3D printers, which are becoming more and more numerous today. This does not always make it easy for a user who wants to invest in a machine: which one to choose, for what reasons?

Raise3D has developed a wide range of professional 3D printers | Photo Credits: Raise3D

This is where a good distribution network comes into play, capable of advising, finding the solution for a specific application, ensuring the installation of the machine, its launch and, above all, troubleshooting in the event of a problem. An expertise that Raise3D was able to find at OKM3D. Edward Feng, Global CEO of Raise3D, explains: “We are very proud of our strong partnerships in Europe. From the very beginning, OKM3D has proved to be a key partner, committed to market development. Its efforts to offer the best quality and service are reflected in its results, and we are convinced that together we will have many years of success in the future.”

A distribution strategy established for several years

Today, OKM3D has built up a large network of qualified resellers enabling it to work efficiently in different European countries. Indeed, it collaborates with more than 120 partners on brands such as Raise3D of course but also Anisoprint, IEMAI or iBridger. Thanks to the quality of Raise3D’s products and its asserted strategy of promoting the distribution network, OKM3D is working on refocusing the reseller at the heart of the relationship. It has therefore developed the Business Partner Experience to create a real link with its partners and make the Raise3D offer simple and attractive. OKM3D has positioned itself as a key distributor and offers a range of services designed to facilitate the work and development of its resellers: dedicated access to an online platform, easy payment and payment without VAT, attractive margins, advanced technical support, customised training, etc. OKM3D does not make direct sales so as not to compete with its own network of resellers.

Photo Credits: Raise3D

Diogo Quental, General Manager Europe, continues: “From the beginning of our presence in Europe, OKM3D has been a key partner of Raise3D. It is by working hand in hand with them over the last few years that we have come to where we are today, with a very positive and fruitful relationship that goes beyond business. We are always happy and proud to see our partners grow and expand, as we have seen with OKM3D, which started in Germany and now operates in 7 countries for Raise3D. We look forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come.”

OKM3D’s projects

OKM3D has been able to set up real in-house logistics expertise with a total storage area of 10,000m2 spread over 3 logistics centres in Germany. This enables it to hold large stocks of products (printers, consumables, accessories, spare parts) but above all to respond quickly to requests. A particularly interesting point in these times of crisis.

Photo Credits: Raise3D

This year, the company also opened a new office and technical support centre in Montpellier, France, supported by Rupture Tech Consulting. Timmy Schramm, CEO of OKM3D, concludes: “In the future we will continue to develop our system of “distribution only” that we have built up in France, Poland, Austria, … to more countries all over Europe. The high acceptance of that concept among our resellers in Europe is approving that approach. So we will keep focusing on working with Raise3D and we will add more exciting products to our distribution portfolio, while optimising and improving the range and quality of our services. With more than 30 years of experience in Distribution with the OKM2000 Group, I am very optimistic that we can be very successful. We will give it our very best, as always.

If you are a reseller of 3D printers or if you have any questions about the brand and Raise3D’s products, do not hesitate to discuss directly with OKM3D teams via email or on their website. What do you think of the relationship between OKM3D and Raise3D? Let us know in a comment down below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Don’t forget to sign up for our free weekly Newsletter, with all the latest news in 3D printing delivered straight to your inbox!

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