KW Special Projects implements AMFG MES software in Digital Manufacturing Centre

KW Special Projects Silverstone-based Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC) is to be supported by AMFG’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software.

The DMC has been in the works for more than a year after funding was secured in September 2019. Expected to be operational by Q1 of 2021, the facility will serve as a technology partner for industrial clients, leveraging polymer and metal additive manufacturing technology to provide serial production parts to companies working in the motorsport, automotive and aerospace sectors.

Supplementing its additive manufacturing capacity and its design, engineering, manufacturing, inspection and post-processing capabilities, AMFG’s MES platform will be used to provide full process control and traceability as parts are ordered, scheduled, produced and shipped. With AMFG’s tools, DMC staff will be able to organise and monitor manufacturing orders, prioritising jobs in line with their due dates and monitor progress in real time. The platform will also enable the tracking of KPIs related to Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and use data analytics tools to identify bottlenecks and optimise processes.

“The 2,000 square metre DMC facility will be full of engineers and machines providing complex and innovative solutions for the most advanced industrial customers,” commented Kieron Salter, CEO of the Digital Manufacturing Centre and founder of KWSP. “Integrating AMFG’s MES software will be instrumental in helping us establish a true digital manufacturing workflow to deliver on our goals.”

In addition to that, KWSP will also provide feedback to AMFG as a development consultant, contributing to the ‘innovation roadmap’ of the company’s MES system. This will not only help AMFG better serve the DMC with bespoke requirements, but also other users of additive manufacturing technology.

“Digital manufacturing is burgeoning in the UK and the launch of the DMC is yet another positive sign of this trend,” added Keyvan Karimi, CEO of AMFG. “Our goal is to support this trend with MES software, designed to digitise and streamline AM operations from end to end. We’re proud that the DMC facility will integrate the AMFG software and we look forward to driving the future of digital manufacturing together.”

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