SOLE by PodoPrinter 3D printer for insoles to debut on October 1st

Backed by colorFabb, the new SOLE by PodoPrinter system is launching on October 1st and introducing a new footwear-specific hardware approach. The SOLE Podoprinter solution is a unique combination of a 3D Belt printer (like colorFabb’s backed BlackBelt Printer), filament and specialized insole CAD software. Users can scan with almost any device and use this integrated easy workflow even without having any knowledge of 3D printing. just by pushing of a button.

The SOLE PodoPrinter is yet another solution driving innovation in footwear AM, a segment that is expected to reach $9 billion in global revenues by 2030, as per the latest sector-leading market forecasts. Specifically, the system was built to provide 100% automated production of an insole. It is an in-store solution: right after printing, the insole is ready for use by the client. PodoPrinter includes a library of CAD templates (and possibility to develop new ones) and flexibility of shore hardness from 30 to 65.

SOLE by PodoPrinter
A SOLE by PodoPrinter machine at Fontys Paramedische Hogeschoolin Eindhoven, NL. Students are going to learn to design and print on it.

With this system, insole retailers turned manufacturers can benefit from reduced lead time, reduced stock-keeping costs of cast/foam materials and optimize production at distributed locations, saving on labor and shipping costs. This means more time to spend with clients, resulting in more sales.

In addition, the SOLE Podoprinter solution promises improved environmental sustainability, with 100% waste-free products (no molds, and tools necessary, no dust particle issues) and even the possibility of recycling used insoles.

The SOLE PodoPrinter solution uses a unique filament developed to meet the application requirements for custom and orthopedic insoles. The official launch is planned for October 2020. One of the first launch partners is Podotherapie Hermanns.

SOLE by PodoPrinter
Within a timeframe of 45 minutes, Rob Thijssen at Thijssen & Gubbels (sport-) Podotherapie was able to print the first 3D printed insole. SOLE Podoprinter and insole design software don’t require any 3D printing knowledge.


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