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SHINING 3D releases the EinScan H series, making industrial scanners accessible

einscan h

SHINING 3D, a leading company covering the 3D digital workflow from 3D Digitizing, through Intelligent Design, to Additive Manufacturing has been a pioneer in the industry since 2004, the year it was founded. Covering the entire AM workflow from 3D software, 3D scanning to 3D printing solutions, it has gained a deep experience in 3D Digitizing, additive manufacturing and its challenges for the last 15 years. A core part of the company´s mission aims to improve the efficiency of high-quality 3D modeling, to enable flexible production of high-performance parts, and to make 3D digitizing and additive manufacturing technologies accessible to all, whether a large multinational company or a hobbyist.

In line with this mission, SHINING 3D has just released two new 3D scanners to complement its existing popular EinScan line that includes both multi-functional handheld 3D scanners, and desktop 3D scanners. The two new releases, called EinScan H and EinScan HX are pure handheld devices, their key feature being that they integrate two technologies into one device. By adding these two new devices to the EinScan line of versatile and easy-to-use 3D scanners, SHINING 3D is making industrial-grade 3D scanning more accessible to people than before.

Einscan H

The Einscan H 3D scanner | Image via SHINING 3D

As you probably know, 3D scanning, used in many sectors and industries, is particularly useful for additive manufacturing as it helps create 3D models from real-world objects, applications or devices, that can then be 3D printed. In the medical sector for example, 3D scanners can be used to collect data on patients’ body in order to create perfectly customized prosthetics or orthotics. They represent a true revolution in the world of personalized medicine, and in general 3D scanning solutions are proving to be pivotal across many AM applications.

EinScan H: Hybrid LED and Infrared Light Source

EinScan H is a color 3D scanner that combines hybrid LED and infrared light source to allow the device to adapt to specific scanning requirements. The infrared light source can collect precise data from hair or dark objects, making it suitable for applications in medical, art, heritage or education. Additionally, the built-in color camera helps capture color texture and deliver authentic color data for medium to large-sized objects. This scanner acquires information at a speed of 1,200,000 points/s and offers a resolution of 0.25mm with an accuracy of scanned data of up to 0.05mm.

einscan h

EinScan HX: Hybrid Blue Laser & LED Light Source

Equally a handheld 3D scanner, the EinScan HX combines hybrid blue laser and LED light source to provide the resolution and accuracy needed for industrial applications. The laser scanning mode on the EinScan HX is equipped with multiple blue laser crosses that allow data collection of reflective surfaces. Perfect for applications like reverse engineering, this device can scan metal or black surfaces. Working at the same speed as the EinScan H, under the laser mode, the accuracy can reach 0.04mm!



Moreover, both scanners are equipped with the typical EinScan features, comprising user friendly handling and software, ergonomic design, and plug-and-play characteristics. You can find much more information on SHINING 3D’s official website.

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