#39 Additive Insight: Carbon CEO Ellen Kullman on the opportunity in additive manufacturing

In the latest episode of our Additive Insight Executive Interview series, Deputy Group Editor Laura Griffiths speaks to Ellen Kullman, CEO of Carbon

Since its launch in 2015, The Silicon Valley 3D printing unicorn‘s Digital Light Synthesis technology has been adopted to manufacture everything from parts for Lamborghini to critical items on the frontline of the COVID19 pandemic. Kullman, who took over as CEO last year, discusses some of those key applications and users, why materials science has been integral to Carbon’s success, and the crucial challenges facing AM today including sustainability and closing the industry gender gap. 

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“People have put additive into a box of prototyping, interesting things to give away at trade shows, as opposed to necessarily a workhorse in manufacturing and I think that’s the area I get most excited about, the opportunity in additive,” Kullman told TCT. “Yes, additive is great for prototyping, it can also be utilised in low volume, and we’re showing more and more applications where high volume additive is relevant. 

“I’ve seen it, in the last few years, transition to low volume. I think we have to continue to beat that drum, to get the success stories out there, to really engage the community with a clear understanding of the capabilities.”

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