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Matt Denton publishes great videos about XXL 3D printing projects on his YouTube channel Mantis Hacks. And we at 3dpbm love XXL 3D printing projects. The latest is perfectly functional, 3D printed giant Lego Go-Kart

In the latest video, Matt finished the electronics and finally got to test this Mark I version of the kart. It looks about as much fun to drive as a virtual kart on Super Mario Kart.

The original 5X Scale Giant Lego Go-Kart files are available on Threeding. All filaments were supplied by Polymaker. Matt’s printer Setup includes two x Lulzbot Taz6, one Lulzbot Mini 2 and a Flexystruder accessory.

Denton spent 25 years in the UK Film and TV industry specializing in Animatronic Control systems. He was also one of the creators and operators of the Star Wars droid BB-8. In the past he created the two-tonne walking hexapod Mantis Robot and now uses 3D printers to create giant versions of his favorite Lego Technic kits.

Lego Go-Kart

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