Thor3D launches Calibry Mini 3D scanner for mini objects

3D scanner manufacturer Thor3D has launched a new version of its flagship handheld device designed specifically for capturing small objects.

The new Calibry Mini is a high-resolution blue LED 3D scanner aimed solely at users who want to digitise highly detailed objects ranging from 2cm to 30cm in length. In what the Moscow-headquartered company describes as a “natural step” in the expansion of its product line, the Mini builds on the same technical aspects as the original Calibry to enable the capture of small and challenging details such a fingerprints or black and shiny surfaces. Thor3D believes this lightweight, portable scanner will be of particular interest to medical professionals, museums and educational institutions.

“During development, our R&D engineers conducted a series of tests and we can say that the quality and detail of the data is very compelling”, commented Anna Zevelyov, CEO of Thor3D. She added, “by adding the Mini to the original Calibry in our product portfolio, we created a complete 3D-scanning toolbox. Doctors will now have all the tools they might need to digitize any part of the human body (from a finger to a full body scan). Museums will now be able to capture entire collections (from jewellery to full-sized vintage carriage).”

The scanner is available for pre-order now, priced at 6,490 Euro bundled with post-processing software“Calibry Nest”, and will start shipping in September. 

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