Nexa3D and Henkel release medical-grade polypropylene-like 3D printing material

Nexa3D and Henkel have announced the availability of a medical-grade polypropylene-like material suitable for the additive manufacture or biocompatible, medical and wearable devices.

Based on Henkel’s Loctite MED412 material, xMed412 is said to be strong and durable with ‘fantastic’ elongation, impact strength and compression strength. It is covered by all of the MED412’s associated clearances, tests and certifications and has also been cleared for the production of nasopharyngeal swabs, complying with ISO 10993 testing and FDA Class I exempt classification. 

Nexa3D has used the material for that very purpose during the COVID-19 outbreak, additively manufacturing 5,400 swabs a day to address the need in the United States with its NXE400 stereolithography platform. Other customers have produced parts for ventilators and other medical devices, while Nexa3D and Henkel are confident that the material would be ideal for the production of orthotics, respirators, personalised audio products, diving equipment and athletic mouth gear.

The xMED412 offers inherent insulating properties, while also able to withstand impact, moisture and vibration. It is the second material to be developed between the two companies, following an ABS resin designed for use in more industrial sectors released earlier this year.

“We are very excited to jointly bring to market with Henkel a second production-grade material, particularly at this time of persisting requirements for PPE’s and other mission critical devices,” commented Izhar Medalsy, Nexa3D’s Chief Operating Officer. “This is our second joint material introduction in as many months with Henkel to develop a portfolio of co-branded performance photopolymers through our expanding global channels. We are continuing to jointly address specific high throughput industrial production opportunities leveraging our leading print speed, large build volume and intelligent resin management technology to convert Henkel performance resins into functional parts made on the NXE400 3D printer.”

“We are thrilled to bring this product to market in collaboration with Nexa3D,” added Ken Kisner, Henkel’s Head of Innovation for 3D printing. “We developed and tested with Nexa3D’s NXE400 3D printer a multitude of approved workflows designed to unleash the full potential of xMED412’s outstanding physical properties and biocompatibility. Nexa3D and Henkel have provided a digital manufacturing solution for a growing number of medical devices, athletic wearables and personalized audio products. Especially with regard to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we are pleased that nasopharyngeal swabs manufactured with xMED412 on the NXE400, in accordance with our published procedures, have already been cleared through clinical trials and are in compliance with ISO 10993 testing and FDA Class I Exempt classification.”

The material is available immediately with full performance specifications listed here.

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