Ansys launches new Discovery simulation-driven design tool

Ansys has released the new Ansys Discovery platform to enable simulation-driven design at increased speed and quality.

The next-generation software tool has expanded on the capabilities of Ansys Discovery Live, combining interactive real-time simulation with high-fidelity Ansys solver technology and direct modelling. Ansys believes this set of features will help to support cross-team collaboration in the development of high-quality and cost-effective products.

Discovery is equipped with structural, fluid and thermal analysis tools, as well as topology optimisation and geometry modelling capabilities to allow part designs to be evaluated prior to proceeding to the prototype or production phase. Underpinned by an easy-to-use interface, Ansys believes this blend of features will allow engineers to ‘explore larger design spaces’ and find solutions to design queries more quickly.

“Discovery delivers a next-generation user experience, enables a very quick and intuitive learning curve for every engineer and represents as big a step forward in 3D design as the initial release of Ansys Discovery Live,” commented Mark Hindsbo, General Manager, Design Business Unit at Ansys. “Coupled with our unique real-time simulation technology and gold standard solvers, it has never before been so easy to interactively explore a large design space and perform refinement with peak accuracy. This enables engineers to bring simulation upfront in the ideation and design phase of product development, uncovering risks early before the costs to correct them become high or difficult to change.”

Building on the success of Ansys Discovery Live, the software company is looking to expand the adoption of its simulation tools to better support design engineering workflows and ‘innovate more designs in less time, provide rapid design exploration and deliver detailed insight into product performance.’ It claims that labour costs can be reduced by 26%, the evaluation of more design alternatives is up by 60% and physical test and safety costs are down by 19%. Among the companies already using the Discovery platform are healthcare firm TECHFIT Digital Surgery and industrial company HAWE Hydraulik.

“Discovery has made a profound impact on how we engineer new products,” offered Mauricio Toro, CEO of TECHFIT Digital Surgery. “By shifting to the left – adopting simulation during the concept and design phases – our team understands the impact of design decisions early, prior to selecting a potentially suboptimal or ultimately more expensive solution.”

“Discovery equips our team with a much better understanding of the physics behind our products very early in the design process, enabling them to meet customer requirements more precisely, avoid over-engineering and eliminate uncertainties,” added Stefan Macho, Head of R&D Simulation at HAWE Hydraulik. “This has resulted in improved product performance, increased design efficiency and shortened product development cycles.”

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