Global Scanning Americas’ Success Grows with 3D Scanning Solutions

Global Scanning Americas, a regional division of Global Scanning A/S based in Denmark, today announces its success in the 3D scanning business. The company distributes the popular SOL 3D scanning solution from Scan Dimension, a Global Scanning company. The SOL scanner debuted in April 2019 to rave reviews from the 3D scanning community. Makers, hobbyists, educators and entrepreneurs opt for the SOL scanner over comparable systems that sell for twice the price.

“We introduced 3D scanning solutions to the Americas region at an ideal time. The portable 3D scanner is at an affordable price point for a broad audience to capture heirlooms, game pieces, new inventions, and more,” comments Steve Blanken, General Manager, Global Scanning Americas.

3D enthusiasts regard SOL as a high-quality yet easy-to-use scanner for creating 3D renderings of objects to share online, model, or print. The SOL 3D scanner delivers high-quality scans with one-touch simplicity and intuitive software.

Entrepreneurs, designers, and startups use the SOL scanner to capture their inventions and business ideas and share them for prototyping, processing, pre-manufacturing, and funding. The SOL 3D scanner is also used by engineers, makers, and crafters for testing and customizing models. Scanned objects can be shared and reproductions created without jeopardizing the original piece.

Global Scanning Americas distributes the SOL 3D scanner to resellers in Canada, the United States, and South America. The SOL 3D scanner is available for purchase from local resellers or online at and

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