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Makeway is a modular, creative, unique super-puzzle with magnetic bits that attach seamlessly to all ferromagnetic materials-like a fridge, a locker or a whiteboard, a car. Simply move the track, connector and trick pieces around for an exciting brand new marble challenge. Now that it has collected over 4 million euro between the Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding platforms, the final products will be produced by injection molding, but it probably would have never seen the light if it were not for some intensive 3D printing to make the first prototype in the videos above and below.

MakewayAfter hundreds of hours building courses with Makeway, and after lots of improvements, tweaks and fine-tuning, all of the parts are ready for molding. Each piece’s design has been finalized and perfected in all aspects – material (high-quality ABS, just like building blocks and other construction sets), textures, characteristics and parameters. In this next stage, digital files of each part are turned into all-metal injection-molds. The first deliveries are expected in September 2020.




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