APWORKS’ Scalmalloy metal additive manufacturing material approved for use in Formula 1

APWORKS has announced its high-strength aluminium alloy, Scalmalloy, has been added to the list of approved additive manufacturing materials for Formula 1.

The material has been officially approved by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and will now be accessible to all F1 teams as they engineer and manufacture their vehicles.

Scalmalloy was developed by APWORKS in collaboration with Airbus primarily for aerospace applications, with its high strength and low density properties making it suitable for topologically optimised structures that have been designed in a bid to reduce weight. The material boasts a high tensile strength (UTS 520 MPa) and yield strength (480 MPa), while also possessing excellent ductility (Elongation 13%). It is also naturally corrosion resistant, has a high degree of microstructural stability with respect to thermal ageing and has a low density.

Those properties, while developed with aerospace in mind, are also attractive to the motor racing sector and APWORKS is anticipating some new and improved applications to come from F1’s application of Scalmalloy.

“We are proud to see Scalmalloy in the list of approved materials. Scalmalloy stands head and shoulders above all other additively-processable aluminium alloys on the market, and due to its aerospace pedigree, its performance is backed up by all the evidence necessary to give confidence in design,” commented Jonathan Meyer, Chief Product Officer at APWORKS. “Its extraordinary balance of strength, ductility and density makes it the material of choice in high-performance applications. We are already looking forward to broadening the applications further, as our motorsport customers gain confidence to apply Scalmalloy in increasingly critical applications.”

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