AMT granted patents for Vapor Smoothing Technology

Post-processing company Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) has been granted patents for its Chemical Vapor Smoothing technology.

The company was granted UK patent GB2560073B on 17th June 2020 with complimentary German Utility Models 20 2017 007 255.6 and 20 2017 007 250.5, granted on the 25th June 2020. These patents cover the novel inventive apparatus used in the chemical vapour smoothing of parts made out of thermoplastic materials, such as polyamides, thermoplastic polyurethanes and glass-filled grades. The IP also allows for multiple consumables to be used to process the parts, enabling AMT to remain flexible to new material offerings and regulatory requirements.

AMT has received these patents – and expects corresponding patents granted by the European Patent Office and United States Patents & Trademark Office to follow – after five years of research and development at the University of Sheffield. The company has been a long-time partner of the university, licensing the Boundary Layer Automated Smoothing Technology (BLAST) developed there and commercialising it in 2018 to support users of powder bed fusion technologies. It has since released a number of products based on BLAST technology, including the PostPro3DMini and PostPro3DColor in 2019 and the PostProDP and PostProDP Pro with Leering Hengelo in 2020.

“AMT is fulfilling its goals one milestone at a time, with a clear vision for the future,” commented AMT CEO Joseph Crabtree. “A future where PostPro3D is a decided leader in fully automated, safe and sustainable surface finishing systems for all materials and applications in the industry. It is great to see that after many years of hard work and development that we were able to secure these patents and be recognised for our inventions. AMT’s strategy is based around its strong IP position and this patent grant significantly reinforces it.”

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