3DEO reaches metal 3D printing milestone after 150,000 parts shipped

Metal 3D printing company 3DEO has announced it has shipped 150,000 additively manufactured end-use parts.

The company has reached the milestone just four years after it was established in 2016, with each of its customers said to be harnessing metal 3D printing for production parts for the first time.

3DEO is an additive manufacturing service set up to cater for the volume production needs of companies in a variety of industries, including aerospace, defence, industrial equipment and medical. It harnesses its proprietary Intelligent Layering technology to manufacture components in 17-4PH stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, cobalt-chrome, titanium, tool steels, tungsten carbide and more.  

“150,000 parts is a terrific milestone for 3DEO. It validates our patented technology, our unique business model and our mission to break metal additive manufacturing into high-volume production,” commented Matt Sand, 3DEO’s President. “Today, we routinely win bids against traditional manufacturing because of our competitive cost structure and material performance. [But it’s] only the beginning for us. We are scratching the surface of what’s possible with metal additive manufacturing in the $130 billion U.S. metal parts market. With our additive and automation software and hardware, combined with our world-class R&D team and quality systems, we are primed to scale metal additive manufacturing into millions of parts next year.”

3DEO’s CEO, Matt Petros, added: “We are especially proud of the fact that every single customer we are working with is implementing metal AM in production for the first time. 3DEO’s unique business model and patented technology are the keys that allow 3DEO to finally break through and win parts orders in high volume production where it was previously impossible.”

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