Plastic Face Shields: Ingenious Methods and Designs

Clamshell packaging inspires economical thermoformed 2-piece visor.

The X2 face shield is from thermoformer manufacturer GravoLAB based in Campulung, Romania.

While it’s similar to more complex face shields, the lightweight patent-pending design offers key benefits.

The belt has two hinges that allows it to fold and fit inside a small bag — and it’s thinner than a smartphone.

“It’s a different approach to what’s on the market,” General Manager Dan Dragulinescu tells PlasticsToday. “They are completely made on with thermoforming machine, eliminating the need for 3D printed or injection molded parts, which are expensive and cannot be manufactured in high volumes at a reasonable cost like ours.”

How reasonable? “Our target is to keep the price below 1 Euro per set,” says Dragulinescu. “I’ve seen recent online pricing of face shields at 5 to 15 Euros.”

He explains that the shields are made with two thermoformed parts, a flexible support belt, which can be easily adjusted for a range of head sizes, and transparent visor film made of PET.

“These two parts are joined together with a ‘click’ that’s been inspired by single-use clamshell packaging,” he points out. “The beauty of the design is that the visor can be adjusted while keeping the support on the head. It easily accommodates users with glasses or a face mask; the ventilation space between face and film makes this shield comfortable for long use as does the lightweight, 35-gram design.”

It can be used “anywhere, from hospitals to manufacturing companies to offices or worn simply on the street in crowded places,” he says.

Also, Dragulinescu feels that the design is as aesthetic as it is functional, calling its looks more “fashionable than medical. A German customer said ‘it brings back the smile on the face.”’

That’s something we can all use these days.

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