Artec 3D announces availability of Studio 15 3D scanning software

Artec 3D has announced the availability of Artec Studio 15, the latest version of its software platform that features new Scan-to-CAD functionality and enhanced colour reproduction.

The Artec Studio software supplements the company’s range of handheld, long-range and desktop 3D scanning equipment, including the Artec Eva, Artec Ray and Artec Micro devices. This latest version of the Artec Studio software comes with a range of new features to expand the capabilities of the company’s hardware, particularly in speed and accuracy.

New custom groups can be created to allow users to work with multiple data sets at the same time, while new automated workflows, like a boosted Autopilot and more advanced auto-align functionality that is now twice as quick, should help to increase user productivity. A smart scanning mode for the Micro desktop scanner compounds this increased productivity with objects being digitised twice as fast than if done manually, calculating the most effective scanning path and capturing the optimal quantity of surfaces using the east number of frames possible to provide ultra-high resolution scans at minimum size for fast processing.

Artec users will now also be able to conduct quick quality control operations by aligning scans to imported CAD model, while fast surface distance map comparisons and micron-accurate measurement of 3D models allows for any inconsistencies between scan and CAD model to be easily identified. The new scan-to-CAD features, meanwhile, will work to streamline reverse engineering workflows by using primitives to extract key geometrical data in a CAD format, so it can be immediately used in CAD software. A Precise Positioning feature will enables users to position models in the world coordinate system, with correctly positioned models with primitives aligned to the scan data then able to be exported to a range of popular CAD platforms like SOLIDWORKS and Geomagic Design X.

Finally, multiple new automated features will ensure colour is captured and displayed correctly, with unwanted colour data filtered out from behind an object and refined algorithms searching across multiple scans for correct colour substitutes. The model-to-model texture transfer capability enables users to clone textures from existing models and transfer them to new ones, in another feature that Artec believes will save operators time.

“We’ve been told by customers that with every new Artec Studio release, it is like receiving an upgraded scanner, which is something we are extremely proud of,” commented Artyom Yukhin, President and CEO of Artec 3D. “Our advancements in 3D scanning algorithms help us to outpace the industry in accuracy, speed and usability, while our growing number of features save users of all skill levels time. This year’s Scan-to-CAD features will create a huge leap in productivity for users conducting reverse engineering and inspection tasks.”

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