3D printing vendor Kumovis raises €3.6 million in Series A funding round

3D printing vendor Kumovis has announced the raising of €3.6 million through a Series A funding round.

The funding round saw seed investors High-Tech Gründerfonds and Ffilipa Venture Capital joined by Solvay Ventures and Renolit SE in providing financial backing to the German OEM.

Kumovis launched its extrusion based R1 3D printing system in August of last year, targeting it primarily at the medical industry, while also suggesting it suitable for more industrial environments too. The machine is equipped with a patented temperature management system that is said to facilitate a build chamber temperature of up to 250°C, a filter system that ensures clean room integration, helping to prevent defects in printed parts, and is open to third party materials.

Kumovis has a partnership with software company Hyperganic, has multiple early access customers and is also working in close collaboration with medical device manufacturers to identify and develop applications. The company believes its new-found alliances with medical company Renolit and materials expert Solvay will be key to its future success in the medical industry and beyond.

“We are convinced that the partnerships with Renolit, a leader in polymer-based medical device components, and Solvay, a world leader in high performance speciality polymers, will strengthen our business case and accelerate the sustainable development of Kumovis,” commented Stefan Leonhardt, co-CEO and co-founder of Kumovis. “We will use the investments to enter new markets, further develop our technology and help the medical community bring 3D printed medical products to the patient.”

“Its impressive team, its impressive product quality and performance attributes give us confidence that Kumovis is poised to disrupt traditional manufacturing methods in the demanding medical industry,” offered Thomas Sampers of Renolit Healthcare. “By accelerating the transition to personalised medicine, Kumovis and Solvay will expand together the application space for high-performance speciality polymers in healthcare and have the potential to do so in other industries as well. This investment is a major step for Renolit Healthcare, fostering its innovative dynamics towards health together with partners by reinforcing its presence in polymer-based healthcare devices.”

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